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Global macrotrends such as digitalisation, big data, sharing economy and artificial intelligence greatly use GNSS stressing on security features. Other applications such as sustainable farming, urban planning, infrastructure monitoring and disaster management have shown that European satellite systems adopted together can help users meet their challenges of daily life, while on a global scale they contribute to the achievement of the United Nation’s SDGs. Our goal is to be part of this process, creating a reference model in the provision of emergency locator transmitters, focusing on excellence in the performance required by end users in various sectors.

Business pain

Our main goal is to increase personal security in transport by connecting satellites networks with advanced digital services. Thanks to the availability of GNSS, accuracy improvements and the SAR beacon registry, success rates of search and rescue missions have been improved which led to saving thousands of lives over the past decades. However, not all 406MHz beacons produced are equipped with a Location Protocol: in 2017, only 142,000 beacons out of 218,000 (or 65%) were GNSS-enabled devices.

Solution Proposal

Our proposal, studied with a launch customer, depicts a new product line of portable locator transmitters, initially addressed to helicopters segment, to be extended in aviation, maritime, military and drones sectors. These items are compliant with ETSO C126, compact, light, ready for international market standards (multiconstellation networks), including high performance batteries and Galileo RLS. This service would provide an acknowledgement capability to the distress beacon confirming that the alert has been detected and located by the system; the RLS will rely on Galileo’s L1 navigation signal and will be available worldwide


Business model and go-to-market strategy can lead to success with a strong commitment of the whole team management.
An extensive business plan, with detailed market analysis for various segments and competitors benchmarking has been developed and shared with investors. Lessons learned by the launch customer and support from technological partners drive to a strong business model implementation, coherent with end users expectations. An ambitious go-to-market strategy will lead to exploitation process after the end of the project.

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Our team

Cinzia Coppola

Founder Blue Lab, member of ATEN IS aerospace network; Quality manager in EPM Group; member of Rome Aerospace Engineers Commission; member of Impresa Committee.
Curious and eager about cross competences, entrepreneurship, internazionalization, networks,  sustainability.Innovation Manager, specialized in business design, financial planning, project management, quality standard. Awards: Open Innovative PMI 2017 (Bernoni Grant Thornton), ‘Donne che ce l’hanno fatta’ 2017 (Ministry of Economic Development), Athena 2013 (Latina Chamber of Commerce), Impresa Donna 2010 (Federlazio), Innovalazio 2005 and 2006.

Elena Viezzoli

Founder; Founder Padelinks; VP Confindustria Marche; Mentor Cherie Blair Foundation. I am part of several organizations: Confindustria, Rotary, Fidapa, La Scossa, Panathlon, Women & Technologies.

I am an entrepreneur in my DNA: I founded and managed various high technology companies in different sectors: manufacturing, distribution and today value-added services.

I had the honor to win various awards: in 2010 I won the award as the best company in the world in the Unified Communication sector; I received the Italo Agnelli Award for my Career StartupItalia has included me among the 1000 Italian women who are changing Italy: Unstoppable Women.


Hybrid Manager empathic and proactive, always eager to take on new challenges. Focused on account man agement of Top clients cross market with customer-centric approach, +25 years experience in ICT consulting and in Business Development for Innovation and Digital Transformation initiatives.
Strong experience and knowledge of business processes and Bid management, improving continuously a balance of Hard, Soft and Digital skills, combining a passion for new-tech trends, innovation strategy, business acumen and sales capability with Leadership and self-empowerment programmes. Also skilled in Startup Strategies, Fundraising and Open Innovation.


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